Who We Are

ALG specializes in intellectual property and technology-related law, representing high-tech clients across a diverse range of technical disciplines. As a testament to our quality, multiple Fortune 500 clients use ALG’s drafting style as a template for other outside counsel to follow. ALG has also repeatedly been selected to handle large file transfers from various nationally recognized law firms.

Personnel Depth

ALG attorneys have successfully prepared and prosecuted thousands of patent applications in technical fields ranging from software to semiconductors to medical devices to subterranean drilling systems. Members of our team have engineering and in-house legal experience at companies such as Seiko Epson, Intel, IBM, Raytheon, National Instruments, Novell, Motorola, L-3 Communications, and NASA. Our attorneys have also worked for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

What our clients are saying

Work Product You Trust

“We have each reviewed the application, and [neither] of us found anything that needed correcting. [We] both agreed that this was easily the best-written patent application that we have seen in our many years at [Fortune 500 company].”
-Development Team

“It is nice to get consistently reliable and accurate write-ups from you guys.”
-Software Architect

Counsel You Value

“Wow, this was very well thought out. Thanks for putting in the legwork on this. I’d suggest we do exactly what you’re proposing.”
-Senior Corporate Counsel

“As usual, the background information you provide is extremely helpful. Thank you.”
Senior Corporate Counsel

“Thank you both again so much. You have really come through for us today. And…you are so nice about it!”
Intellectual Property Paralegal

Responsiveness You Need

“Thank you again for everything today! I really appreciate your willingness to bend over backward to help us with the last minute scramble, which unfortunately seems to be happening every quarter lately.”
-Intellectual Property Paralegal

“I also want to reiterate that we really appreciate everything you do for us, and I know I can always count on your guys to quickly respond to any request I have. It really makes my life much easier. It’s nice to know I can turn to you guys and get information fast.”
-Intellectual Property Paralegal